I have had the privilege of working with extremely talented artists over the years. One of the things I pride myself most on is my ability to mix live performances. I have been the sole mix engineer for Serialbox Presents since the project started in 2006.

SerialBox Presents is a live, one-take, multi-cam, multi-track performance video project.

• Our Past Clients include: Sony Music Entertainment, EMI, Atlantic, Capitol, Universal Music, Big Picnic, MTV, Viacom

• Serial Box Has been featured on:  NPR, Rollingstone, Paste, CMT, VH1, Carson Daly

• Artists include: Johnny Swim, The Lone Bellow, Ben Rector, Matthew Mayfield, Andrew Belle, Balmorhea, Andy Davis, David Ramirez, Thad Cockrell, The Damnwells (feat. Alex Dezen), Noah Gunderson, J. Thoven, Night Beds, Fiction Family, Madi Diaz, Milo Greene, Gregory Alan Isakov

Drumming + Engineering

I started playing drums at a young age but never thought it would take me anywhere. After graduating from college, I moved to Houston to play drums and soon began recording drums for local artists and bands. As I spent more time in the studio, I learned my way around and learned to engineer sessions.  For me, drumming and engineering advise one another, and doing both makes me better at both.


When I was first introduced to mixing, I was overwhelmed: too many variables, too many things to manage...not for me.  Ten years later, it's something I truly love to do. No one cares how a mix was made they only care about how it makes them feel. At the end of the day the only thing that matters is what comes out of the speakers. That’s  what matters to me and that’s what I’m focused on


Years ago, a friend advised me to always ask myself if what I'm making is any good.  I take this to heart when producing because I see it as my role to guide the path the music takes to achieve the vision of the artist so that we can both say that what we are making is very good.